Frank Sinatra At the Beginning

Sinatra as baby

As it’s well known, Frank Sinatra was a pretty skinny guy during his early years and into adulthood, so it might be surprising to know he weighed in at a whopping 13 1/2 pounds at birth.  And a difficult birth it was.  The doctor had trouble removing the baby from his mother, and it’s said he barely showed signs of life at his original debut. 

The use of forceps to assist in the difficult birth left scars on baby Frank’s head near his ear, and may have punctured an eardrum, a condition that later prevented him from military service during World War II. 

A final note:  It’s said that the new baby’s mom and dad were hoping for a girl and had already chosen the name Frances.  A quick change in spelling gave us Francis. . .Francis Albert Sinatra, who would become an international star and the focus of this Frank Sinatra Tribute.


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