Frank Sinatra’s First Professional Singing Job

Rustic Cabn

Between 1937 and 1939, if you dined at a place called the Rustic Cabin in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey, you might have been entertained by a skinny young singer named Frank Sinatra of Hoboken.  He also emceed the night’s entertainment and even waited on tables.

It was Frank Sinatra’s first professional singing job, and an extra bonus for exposure was being heard on the regular radio broadcast from the Rustic Cabin over WNEW radio in New York.

It was on one of those broadcasts that band leader Harry James heard Frank singing and decided to hire him to sing with the Harry James Orchestra.  It’s not known what Frank was paid at the Rustic Cabin, but it probably wasn’t much.  At least if he was hungry, the  Rustic Cabin’s most popular dessert, a piece of chocolate layer cake, only cost 20 cents.   From a Frank Sinatra Tribute Performer in Los Angeles.


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