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A Night Out With Frank Sinatra

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Tom Dreesen

Frank Sinatra’s longest running opening act, comedian Tom Dreesen preceded Frank on stage for the last fourteen years of Frank’s long career as a concert headliner.  But off-stage, Tom also spent a lot of time with Frank, where it was often the two of them alone.  According to Tom, late at night they would drive through the desert in Palm Springs or stop at a small nightspot.  One night, they were at a bar when a woman walked in and asked if there was a jukebox.  Frank said “No, but I’ll be happy to sing for you”.  The woman said “No thanks” and left.  Turning to Frank, Tom said “I don’t think she knew who you were”.  And Frank said “Maybe she did”.   

Tom Dreesen has written a book along with his former comedy partner Tim Reid, who’s starred on several TV series including WKRP in Cincinnati.    The two of them were partnered with writer Ron Rapoport for the book, called  Tim and Tom, An American Comedy in Black and White.  It tells of Tim and Tom’s beginnings as  America’s first Black and White comedy team, and it’s an excellent book, which also includes a few stories of Tom’s experiences with Frank Sinatra. 

For more information on Tim and Tom, visit the Tim and Tom Website.

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