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Lady Blue Eyes

Posted in Entertainment, Music on June 13, 2012 by franksinatratribute

Frank Sinatra was marrried four times, first to Nancy Barbato, then to Ava Gardner, followed by Mia Farrow.  His fourth marriage was his longest, and its story is a fascinating one told by Frank’s fourth wife, Barbara Sinatra in her book called Lady Blue Eyes; My Life With Frank, co-authored by Wendy Holden.

Barbara shares the good and the not so good of the 22 year marriage, from the luxurious lifestyle and generosity of her husband, to his moodiness and temper.  He courted her with a flair for gift-giving and romantic gestures, including a knack for picking out the best jewelry.  But drinking gin brought out a mean streak in Frank, not to mention the effect on him of reporters who said bad things about him.  There is no mention of Nancy or Tina Sinatra in Barbara’s book because of the almost non-existent relationship between Barbara and Frank’s daughters. 

According to the book, Frank’s tastes could be simple, favoring mundane things like grilled cheese sandwiches, and he often spent quiet time at home reading and doing crossword puzzles.  And he was known to cook up pasta dishes himself for his celebrity guests.

All in all, it’s a revealing, private peek into marriage to Frank Sinatra, an honest tribute that shares revelations of his many complicated traits, including his obsession with being clean to the point of showering as often as twelve times a day, which he acknowledged by signing his love notes to Barbara with the name “Charlie Neat”.

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