Frank Sinatra and the Twin Palms

Twin Palms  1w580

In 1947, a home was built in Palm Springs California, and from the very beginning, this property was destined to become famous just like its owner.  Along with 4500 square feet of living space on one level, it featured an impressive sound system in the living room, and outside, a swimming pool in the shape of a grand piano.  The house was built for Frank Sinatra and has become known as Twin Palms, for the two tall trees that tower above it.

Twin Palms 2w580

Although Frank had asked for a Georgian-style mansion with a brick facade and columns, the designer he hired, E. Stewart Williams influenced him to go with the modern style residence that became this desert home, with floor to ceiling windows that offer views of the well groomed grounds and that spectacular pool.  And since 2011, it has been designated a historic site, complete with a plaque at the front door.

Twin Palms 3w580

The home was known to be the scene of many parties and get-togethers during the Sinatra years there, first with Frank and his wife Nancy, and later with Frank and second wife Ava Gardner.  And to this day, the parties continue, as the current owners have made it available for rent for special events.  It’s preserved the way it was in Sinatra’s day, but these days, it plays host to corporate events, private parties and even wedding receptions, often featuring a performance by a Frank Sinatra tribute artist, like Monty Aidem.  All the while, the twin palms still reach to the sky as if to punctuate the words Fly Me To The Moon.


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